The Rain Attraction

   I will be the first to tell you that Bob and I have become incredibly spoiled living in paradise. Nearly every single day, we enjoy bright blue skies, warm temperatures, tropical breezes, fabulous beaches, endless golf. I could go on and on. If that status quo is interrupted for any longer than an hour, I become very sun-deprived and even kind of crabby. So when a tropical system dumped nearly six inches of rain over a three-day period last week, it was time to take alternative mood-lifting measures.

   Don’t get me wrong; I know rain is needed—the TV weather people relay that message constantly. And I do love watching the weather systems sweep by our fifteenth-story windows—seeing Mother Nature at work is amazing. But enough already. Either the sun needed to come out—or it was time for “Plan B.”

  Bob and I headed to our Plan B—the perfect destination when weather cramps our style, Silverspot Cinema. This week we saw two great movies there in as many days—The Ides of March with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling, a serious and timely movie about political campaigns; and Dolphin Tale, a heartwarming and delightful story featuring Harry Connick Jr. and Ashley Judd, which is based on a true story.

  Silverspot truly is one of the best additions to the Naples area. Getting tickets is a snap—just visit its website. From there, pick your movie, then choose your seats, buy your tickets and you are good to go. Covered parking makes for a dry entry into the theater and, once inside, a wide range of food and beverages is available. Our usual stop is for a glass of wine to take with us into the show—a great feature. Silverspot has further enhanced the movie-going experience with stadium seating and the most comfortable theater seats EVER.

   After the movie is over, if it is dinnertime, Silverspot happens to house a pretty darned good restaurant; we have eaten there often. If not there, other choices for dining await just downstairs—The Pub, AZN and Pure Urban Oasis—AZN is our favorite of the three.

   Silverspot Cinema and the entire Mercato experience have changed Naples in such a positive way—and has made our choice for what to do on a rainy day an easy one.


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