Thrifting Thrills Across Collier County

NI highlights three local shops that curate covet-worthy consignment fashion

One upside of the COVID-19 shut-in was finally having time at home to tick projects off your to-do list. For some glamorous Naples women, that translated into cleaning out their closets and bringing glorious castoffs to local consignment vendors. This means there’s a plethora of covet-worthy, high-end, designer goods in excellent condition at local consignment stores. Buying clothing and accessories on consignment is a fun way to enhance your fall wardrobe and support sustainable fashion. Check out a quick sampling of what’s been available lately in these stylish shops.


Audrey’s of Naples

Owned and operated by a family of fashionistas, this chic space was recently loaded with treats such as sunglasses from famous runway brands, a jewel-encrusted Fendi bag, and candy-colored Hermès cuffs.

Designer Divas Resale Boutique

In this new Vanderbilt location customers can score treasures such as Jimmy Choo gladiator sandals, a Salvatore Ferragamo shoulder bag, and Tory Burch totes and leather crossbody bags in nature-inspired hues.

Twice as Nice Consignments

Both Naples locations are bursting with technicolor Lilly Pulitzer pieces and other finds, like a leopard print Prada bag and a limited-edition Louis Vuitton tote with pink embroidery.

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