Togarashi Opens in Downtown Naples

Ramen lovers will indulge in the dozens of options on the new eatery's menu

Photo by Anh Ha Nguyen via Pexels
Photo by Anh Ha Nguyen via Pexels

For years, authentic Japanese ramen was underrepresented in Naples. The trailblazer in town was Namba, which features three versions of tonkotsu-based ramen, as well as a vegan alternative. While some may remember it as a staple of their impoverished student days, authentic Japanese ramen is a dish that rises to the level of fine art, with traditional tonkotsu (pork) broth taking up to 12 hours to cook.

Suddenly, Southwest Florida is looking like ramen central. Two new locations opened in recent months: Shojin Ramen Sushi in Fort Myers offers classic tonkotsu ramen, as well as a miso ramen with tofu and rice noodles; Yoko-San Ramen in Naples takes it further, with seven ramen dishes containing chicken, pork, or tofu.

The bar has now been raised with the opening of Ichi Togarashi, located in the former space of the Tea & Spice Exchange next to Caffe Milano. The restaurant is co-owned by local resident June Dispongsa, who also has operated Ichi Ni San, a Thai-Japanese fusion restaurant in Daytona Beach, since 2018. The establishment is named for a traditional Japanese blend of spices.

Ramen lovers will be delighted by Togarashi’s menu, which features nearly 30 varieties beginning with tonkotsu pork belly ramen, simmered with pork bones for 12 hours. Versions include mixed seafood ramen, spicy potsticker ramen, mussel miso, and smoked salmon soy ginger. A large assortment of dim sum is available as well, along with vegan entrees and renditions of Asian street food.

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