Tools of the Trade | Choosing the Right Hairbrush

To keep locks healthy and looking gorgeous all season long, a good hairbrush is essential. We asked mane man Philip Douglas, who has been styling celebs and Neapolitans for years in his namesake salon in Naples, for advice on making the right choice.

   “My favorite line of brushes is the Bio Ionic brand,” he says. “They are plastic-bristled, come in all shapes and sizes, and are remark-ably gentle. They are negatively charged and infused with minerals that add shine, banish frizz and maintain moisture levels in any type of hair.”

Choosing the right hair brush for your hair - Hair styling tips from Philip Douglas - advice from a styling professional

For Fine, Thin or FragIle Hair: Use an oval-domed, boar-bristle brush, which is gen-tlest on the hair and scalp, protecting against breakage. Boar bristles also help distribute natural oil throughout the hair. Aside from general styling, this brush is also good for smoothing flyaways.

   Looking for volume? Go with a round boar-bristle brush to shape the style and control frizz.

For Thick, Coarse or Curly Hair: Sturdy brushes with boar and plastic bristles (or all plastic) are best. One caution with plastic: avoid the double bristle (one long, one short) as well as bristles with a little plastic ball on the end, which can be damaging.

   Looking to straighten your locks? A large padded flat brush with medium-arm plastic bristles will cut volume. Large round brushes also help control volume while creating a straight, smooth style.

   “Never detangle wet hair with a brush,” says Douglas. Use a large, wide-tooth comb, such as a hand-cut, polished, vulcanized rubber comb by Philip Kingsley.


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