Top 10 Travel Products


#2 – Luxury and convenience, in one chic, carry-on-friendly package. That’s the beauty of


   I love‘s slogan: For those who travel, those who are curious, and those who can’t commit. To that I would add “those who carry on.” As a confirmed carry-on traveler (I never ever check bags, not even on long hauls!), I can truly appreciate this: a collection of high-end beauty products in TSA-approved 3 fl. oz. packaging that you can pop into your carry-on or handbag. Some of my favorite featured brands: Oscar Blandi, The Art of Shaving, Phyto, MD Moms (a must when traveling with little ones), Somme Institute, Blow.

   Another plus: They offer international shipping (to your hotel!), and overnight shipping for the price of ground if you are traveling within 72 hours.

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