Trend Alert: SnöBar

Our collective love affair with frozen treats started early, with poolside pops and dripping ice cream cones, and when we became of age, we picked up a penchant for icy margaritas and piña coladas. Now, rather than choose between one indulgence or the other, we cool down, savor and feel blissfully abuzz with the new SnöBars. Spreading across the country, these refreshing 100-calorie treats are grown-up pops with the exact alcoholic equivalent of their corresponding cocktails (flavors include cosmopolitan and grasshopper). The first place to get them locally was the Waldorf Astoria Naples with others planning to follow suit. May we recommend a staycation or at least an excursion to Clam Pass Park? It’s the official beach for the hotel, with a snack bar on the sand, and it is a find for residents too because it is open to the public—and half the fun is the county-run tram that takes sunbathers from the parking lot through a twisted tangle of beautiful mangrove trees.

SnoBar - Cosmo-Flavored pop cicle

SnöBar’s Cosmopolitan, an alcohol-infused pop.

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