Whiskey & Women

Chops City Grill promotes gender equality for whiskey drinkers

Chops-City-Grill-corporate-bar-manager-Kendra-Rizzi-creates-whiskey-cocktail-for-Whiskey-&-Women-seriesKendra Rizzi believes that women and whiskey go together much better than many people think.

Rizzi, the corporate bar manager for Culinary Concepts, has launched a new educational series called Whiskey & Women at Chops City Grill. The series began on March 10 and will continue each Wednesday until April 14. Tutorials are held at the bar from 5-9 p.m. and include three carefully chosen selections from Chops’ portfolio of over 100 whiskeys. Sessions are affordably priced at $25 and operate on a first come, first served basis.


“More women are exploring whiskeys, so both novices and connoisseurs have an opportunity to learn more about what it is you are drinking,” says Rizzi, who includes information on each distillery, as well as the ingredients and flavor profile of each spirit. She observes that women represent almost 40% of whiskey consumption in the U.S., up from 15% in the 1990s. In the course of the series, she plans to explore everything from bourbon and Scotch to Canadian, Irish and Japanese whiskey.

On top of that, the format is democratic: men are welcome, with a $10 upcharge (Chops City Grill, 837 5th Ave. South; (239) 262-4677; chopscitygrill.com).

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