World Giraffe Day at the Naples Zoo

One of the most recognized, yet least researched large animal in Africa, giraffes have seen a steady decrease in population size over the past two decades. To raise awareness about this majestic animal and its current plight, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation [GCF] is, for the second year, organizing World Giraffe Day on June 21 – the longest day of the year.

Naples Zoo at Carbbean Gardens - World Giraffe Day - Giraffe Conservaiton Foundation

   With less then 80,000 giraffes remaining in the wild, GCF’s World Giraffe Day is a concerted international effort, with zoos, schools, governments, and conservation organizations from around the world dedicating the summer solstice to events and activities focusing on giraffes. The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens will be celebrating earth’s tallest dweller with a fun-filled day of family-friendly activities on Saturday, June 20:

From 9 a.m.-1 p.m., zoo volunteers will be leading a giraffe-focused scavenger hunt. Setup in the southern gardens, education stations will enlighten guests about how giraffes interact with other animals, biological facts, and fun trivia as they fill out their scavenger hunt sheets. One lucky winner will receive a family or grandparent zoo membership.

World Giraffe Day - Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

And when visiting the giraffe habitat, be sure to snap a few photos of feeding the giraffes, and post them to the zoo’s Facebook Breakfast with Giraffes photo contest. The three photos with the most likes will win a breakfast in the giraffe area on Saturday morning, June 27.

Throughout the day, zoo guests can enter the “Giraffle,” a giraffe-themed raffle for guests to win a zoo membership. What’s more, for every dollar spent on the raffle, the Naples Zoo Conservation Fund will match it to a total of $5,000 to be donated to the Giraffe Conservation Fund.

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