Your Daily Green

Earth Day is April 22, but you can celebrate year-round with these sustainable strategies:


NatureMills - METRO - indoor compost machine

Turn your kitchen scraps into organic soil with an indoor compost machine. NatureMill offers three bins that store easily in the kitchen.

Nest 2 Learning Thermostat

Install a Nest Learning Thermostat, which intuits your preferred settings and automatically adjusts your home’s temperature according to your schedule, thereby saving energy.

S'well Bottle - Stainless Steel reusable beverage bottle
Swap your plastic water bottle for a sleek, reusable S’well bottle. Developed by Sarah Kauss, the stainless steel container comes in a variety of colors and keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

GoodGuide ecofriendly shopping app

Before you buy, check the GoodGuide website to ensure a product is ecofriendly. The site and app rate products in areas such as environmental impact.

Argos in Cappadocia, Turkey - Eco Luxury - responsible vacation planning and travel
If you’re in need of a vacation, stay in a resort endorsed by Eco Luxury, which evaluates global luxury retreats for ecological responsibility.

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