The Vintage Gentlemen

A Guide to the Timeless Art of Craftsmanship

decanterWomen frequently struggle to buy meaningful gifts for men. A few years back, Brandon Higginbotham discovered why this might be the case.

“I noticed on social media that there was a saturation of lifestyle brands targeted toward women,” he explains. “I wanted to create that same type of brand for men and then cluster products and experiences around it.” The idea led him to create The Vintage Gentlemen in 2015 ( . His online shopping portal celebrates the good life in all its forms, and it provides many of the tools a man will need to enjoy that life.

“We want to encourage men to slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures—whether it’s a fine wine or whiskey, a hike through nature, a good cigar or the best cup of coffee they can find.”

whiskey glass + cigar holderSome of the items are things your grandfather might have taken for granted, such as straight razors, monogrammed leather Dopp kits, precision watches and humidors. Others are more contemporary (a wide collection of camping and outdoor gear such as cooking sets, filet knives and food jars) while some are simply classic (custom pens, bow ties and pocket squares). A large chunk of the site is given over to the Mancave Collection, a treasure trove of personalized whiskey decanters, glassware and smoking accessories. The VG uses the term with no suggestion of sexism: “Every gentleman needs a section of the home, office, or garage designated as a place to unwind and grow as an individual.  We think that fostering an environment where you can easily read, enjoy a quality drink with your guests, and simply relax, is important to your well-being.”

While his male audience is on the young side, Higginbotham observes that his female demographic is in the 40-60 age range, and many of them are buying gifts for spouses or aduolt children. Either way, he maintains that chronology isn’t important. “Being a vintage gentleman is timeless,” he says. “It’s a lifestyle that has been partially lost, and one that we’re trying to get back.”


Mark Spivak specializes in wine, spirits, food, restaurants and culinary travel. He is the author of several books on distilled spirits and the cocktail culture, as well as three novels. His latest release, Impeachment, is now available on Amazon.

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