Fitness for All at Athletic Republic

The Naples gym is open to everyone from professional athletes to families

Cutting Class

A how-to for creating a cutting garden in your Southwest Florida backyard

Snacking on Shrooms

Russell Hollander, founder of the Naples-based Care2Grow, dishes on the benefits of mushrooms and shares one of his favorite recipes

Naples Walking Club Celebrates 30 Years

Three decades of shaping the community began with a single step

Nutrition for Strength with Lisa Reed

The owner of Lisa Reed Fitness shares a recipe for her Favorite Spinach Salad, bursting with essential nutrients for strength-building

Summer Wellness at The Spa at Naples Grande Beach Resort

To celebrate all things warm weather wellness, the spa will host an array of special initiatives this summer

5 Ways to Train Your Brain

Paul D. Nussbaum, president of the Brain Health Center, lists key areas for building brain resilience, from nutrition to physical activity

Rest, Restore, and Recover with Float Therapy

World Med Spa in Naples specializes in floatation therapy, which has positive impacts on pain, blood pressure, sleep anxiety, and depression

D1 Training Debuts in Naples

Former D1 athlete and fitness industry professional Alex Nicholas opened the group fitness facility on May 2

Crazy for Cucumbers

Medea Galligan, a functional medicine nutritionist and owner of Medea’s Healthy Lifestyle Concepts, dishes on the benefits of cucumbers

Expert Tips for Maintaining Spine Health

Dr. T. Foster Bryant, owner of MovMnt Spine & Rehab in Naples, assists clients with techniques and treatments for maintaining good posture

Beyond Fitness at Fountain X

A new Naples fitness studio aims to improve overall health and go beyond physical training and nutritional guidance

6 Steps to Finding Bliss Through Hygge

Born of dark, cold Scandinavian winters, this lifestyle promotes comfort anywhere—even in sunny Southwest Florida

Shake the Burnout Blues with Mind Your Mind

The new initiative at Naples-based David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health targets a different mental health topic each month

Gentle Giants at Naples Therapeutic Riding Center

The center offers equine-facilitated psychotherapy as a means of improving mental and behavioral health among participants

Finding Calm in the Age of Anxiety

Can technology soothe our anxious minds and bodies? We test five anti-anxiety tech tools

The Skinny on Sugar Substitutes

Alejandra A. Francis, a registered dietitian at Core Health Partners, sheds light on the rise of sugar substitutes

6 Local Farmers Markets to Explore

Head to these prime spots for local produce, seafood, baked goods, specialty foods, and more