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Inflight Cocktails

Airlines are trying to outdo each other in their selection of designer cocktails at 30,000 feet

What’s Wrong with Bordeaux?

Bordeaux producers are scrambling to make their wines more appealing to a new generation. Are they on the right track?

A Modest Proposal

In Pennsylvania, state-owned machines are analyzing your breath. What's next?

Virgin, Extra Virgin or Lamp Oil?

69% of olive oils sold as Extra Virgin don't meet USDA standards. What's a consumer to do?

Myths of Food and Wine Pairing

The gospel according to Whom?

Are Women Better Tasters?

Do women really have a more highly developed sensory apparatus, or are they simply able to suspend judgement longer than men?

The Once and Future Doon

The irrespressible Randall Grahm has sold his supermarket labels, reduced his production, and is making wine the old-fashioned way

Wines of Summer: Pinot Grigio

Despite occasional overproduction and commercialism, Pinot Grigio remains one of Italy's most charming wines

Wet, Dry or Moist?

Slowly but surely, the last vestigies of Prohibition are vanishing---over 75 years later.

Wine Flash Sale Websites

The new phenomenon of the flash sale website is a bonanza for wine buyers