Pro Watercross Tour World Championships Returns to Naples

Feel the excitement as 20 up-and-coming watercross riders rocket out of their starting gates on September 21, kicking off the Pro Watercross Tour World Championships. This large-scale event will transform Naples’ own Sugden Regional Park into a dramatic sport venue, decked out with banners, fluttering flags, pit tents, and a professional sound system.


Similar to motocross events, the Pro Watercross Tour includes acrobatic free-style competitions, where flips and barrel rolls are the norm; and closed-course races with 20 riders sprinting through the water, slaloming through the buoy-lined course where 90 mile-per-hour sprints decelerate in an instant for turn-on-a-dime maneuvering.

Clay-TolbertIn all, the event will include more than 50 classes of riders–including the aerial daring-do of the Freestyle Classes, the speedster Sport Classes, and some vintage runners to boot—all vying for a slice of the $20,500 purse. Racing begins on Wednesday, September 21, with a full day of competition each day through the finals, on Sunday, September 25.

The culmination of the 2016 Pro Watercross Tour, the Naples event promises to be the largest of the year, vying for $20,500 in purse winnings. The Pro Show, set for Sunday, September 25, will be live streamed and filmed for a one-hour TV special airing on CBS Sports Network in October, so a fantastic showing is a must to show off that Paradise Coast hospitality.

The public is invited to watch as the competitors reach speeds of more than 90 mph, skillfully navigating the closed course in the thrilling sport of personal watercraft racing known as watercross.

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