The Woman Behind Myxn Scents Bar & Boutique

Michael Caronchi Photography

During Tracy Sherles’ travels around the world, she had always enjoyed creating custom-scented products. “I felt the experience had a compelling allure,” she says. Nearly four years ago, she decided to put her own twist on bespoke fragrances and set up shop in Bayfront, Naples. The Myxn Scents Bar & Boutique  features 500 scents that visitors can blend to make more than 30 customized products—from perfume and cologne to shampoos, lotions, room sprays, and even dryer balls. “Anyone who mixes at the bar inevitably leaves with a unique scent in our database, a creatively inspired name for that scent, and stories that came from the journey to that scent,” Sherles says. A cross between an old-world apothecary, a spa, and a library, the Myxn Bar is a place to indulge in a deeply sensory and transportive experience.

NI: Which scents do you recommend for spring?

Sherles: We have quite a collection that includes many types of rain, lilac, clean cotton, lily of the valley, violet, and roses. It is especially fun to mix a floral with the scent of dirt to make the bloom smell freshly picked.

NI: What are a few unique combinations?

Sherles: We’ve had so many that popular demand led us to post some of the recipes on Facebook. One combination that stands out in my mind was created by a local attorney who held an event at the store for her law firm. Somehow, through the process of sharing scents, she created a mixture of sweet grass and Kahlua, which at first sounds terrible—but it’s amazing.

NI: What are your personal favorites?

Sherles: I especially love the scents of the harvest. Pumpkin, clove, ginger, nutmeg, and a little bit of orange make up my favorite room diffusers, pet shampoo, and dryer balls. As a daily staple, lemon verbena or lemongrass are usually included in my lotions and pillow spray.

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