Cinematic Tablescapes

1. Kira Krümm — Eat, Pray, Love

Photography by Vanessa Rogers

As an avid zen seeker and world traveler, Kira Krümm deeply connected with the 2010 film, where Julia Roberts portrays Elizabeth Gilbert in a globe-trotting journey to eat, pray, and love her way to a meaningful life. Inspired by Gilbert’s best-selling memoir, Krümm created a grounded vignette featuring collected pieces from her travels, such as a bronze Bodhisattva figure from her first trip to China, as well as a black and brown batik scarf, woven box, and salt-and-pepper set from a visit to Indonesia. Other meaningful touches include crystals (for good energy) and a feather (for good luck); a woven bamboo leaf album and a silver fortune cookie from her wedding; and a hand-woven heart made of palm leaves as a token of love and a reminder to always follow your heart. Koastal Design Group, Naples (239-992-5586)

2. Bethany O’neil — The Great Gatsby

The elegant tablescape inspired by the film’s formal dining scenes, includes lush blooms and china from Oneil’s great-grandmother.

With a nod to a scene in the 1974 film, in which Jay Gatsby is set to reunite with his beloved Daisy and fills the room with white roses, this designer vignette abounds with flowers. Keeping with the light and airy feel of the classic movie, Bethany O’Neil crafted an elegant table in shades of white and cream, soft touches of pale pink, and hints of gold. The romantic centerpiece of peonies in varying shades of pink is placed amid glassware etched with a dainty floral pattern. The place settings also harken back to another era as they feature fine china passed down from O’Neil’s great-grandmother. In another homage to Daisy, a beautifully sheer sun hat is placed on a chair, just the type Daisy would wear during sweltering summer afternoons. Bethany O’Neil Interior Design, Naples (239-450-0530)

3. Jenny Provost — Out of Africa

A tribal warrior mask juxtaposed with fine china and a delicate porcelain pitcher with a branch for a handle are just some of the details in this tablescape designed to illustrate the merging of two worlds—a theme in the epic 1985 romantic drama set in Africa. The main character, a wealthy Danish woman played by Meryl Streep, moves to Africa and tries to keep some of the elegance and comportment of her old life while embracing her new one. Interior designer Jenny Provost related to the character as she experienced that same pull and now has a house in Africa’s wine country. For this vignette, a stunning embroidered work of art, based on a photograph of a tribal woman in Kenya layered in colorful beads, sets the color palette for the decor with rich reds, blues, green, and gold. Black-and-white taper candles are a nod to the zebra and the big contrasts found in nature. K2 Design Group, Naples

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