Couture et Fleurs: Grace Lakes Florists

Grace Lakes Florists - April Wood - Naples Botanical Garden - Hats in the Garden

Grace Lakes Florists’ April Wood found inspiration for this runway look from a box kite.

Photo by Charlie McDonald

For the 2014 Hats in the Garden celebration, the Naples Botanical Garden tasked local floral designers to create wearable fashion from botanicals. Here’s what April Woods of Grace Lakes Florists came up with.


April Wood | Grace Lakes Florists


Vision and Look: “These just sort of popped in my head.  You plan this out with your drawing, write down all the things you want, and the vision came through. Some things had to change; you just never know what has to change.”


Inspiration: “One design was a box kite. I saw a box kite flying in the air, and I thought: top, bottom, nothing in-between. I wanted this dress to be really earthy, all legs and skin and botanicals.

   “The other dress is supposed to be really whimsical, sparkly; it is just fantasy.”

Putting the finishing touches on her runway look

Putting the finishing touches on her runway look.

Challenges and Surprises: “This is the first time I have made something wearable. So it was difficult making these so that they would not be too heavy for the model to wear. And the other thing was to put these together without the flowers dying. I soaked the flowers overnight because gerbera daisies are very touchy; they will die fast.

   “The biggest surprise was the mechanics, and how many pins are going to stick the girl: how to make this so the poor little girl doesn’t get stuck to death.”


Favorite Flower Used: Gloriosa lily

Grace Lakes Florists - Fantasy runway look

Grace Lakes Florists’ fantasy runway look, featuring Gerbera daisies, anthuriums, and gloriosa lilies.

Photo by Charlie McDonald

Grace Lakes Florists' original sketched design

April Wood’s original sketches of her runway looks.

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