Ferrari’s New Hatchback

Ferrari FF - Palm Beach Illustrated

Hell is about to freezeth over. Ferrari, purveyor of spine-tingling, red-mist excitement, is not only about to unveil a hatchback, but one with four-wheel drive. What’s next, a Formula 1 minivan?
   It’s called the Ferrari FF – shorthand for four seats, four-wheel drive – and it’ll replace the ungainly, unloved 612 Scaglietti when it goes on sale at the end of the year.
Ferrari FF - The Wheel World

   But snippy comments aside, this Pininfarina-designed wedge is a thing of absolute beauty. What more beautiful way could there be of transporting three golfing buddies – and their clubs – to the links? If this is the shape of practicality, I’m all for it.
   Of course, being a Ferrari – even a Ferrari hatchback – the thing will go like stink. Under that long curvy hood is squeezed a 6.3-liter V12 cranking out an obscene 651 prancing horses. And remember, power is delivered to all four wheels – not just the rears – through a dual-clutch F1 transmission.
Ferrari FF - Howard Walker

   Stopwatch at the ready, the FF is expected to blast from a standstill to 60mph in a blistering 3.5 seconds, and not stop accelerating till it reaches an impressive top speed of 208 mph. Perfect when you’re in a hurry to grab the groceries.
   So how much will this feisty family hatchback cost? Well, a 612 Scaglietti stickers for around $313,000, so I’m reckoning with this extra technology and groundbreaking design, you won’t get much change from $350,000.
   But enough with the hatchback moniker. Let’s start referring to it as Ferrari’s new ‘shooting break’. That’s better.


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