Healthy Nature

When Bob and I bought our first condo in Naples, I would go out and walk every single day. Part of the reason I started was because we still lived in Boston (yes, we were snowbirds—kind of) and it was still cold and gray there. It was so wonderful, being able to get out from under all that winter clothing, throw on some workout clothes, march out the front door and wrap myself in the wonderful warm temperatures and revel in the glorious colors of the trees and flowers all around me. I would walk between 4 to 6 miles each outing.


My path took me out the gates of Bay Colony to Pelican Bay Boulevard and onto the berm within Pelican Bay. That berm is a delightful nature path that goes from one end of Pelican Bay to the other. It has two boardwalks that lead to fabulous Gulf-front restaurants that can only be accessed by Pelican Bay property owners. On each side of the ridge, there are canals filled with fish, turtles and alligators, and lining the canals are many varieties of trees and plants populated by the most gorgeous Florida birds—even an owl or two every so often.

An owl in Pelican Bay

A gator in Pelican Bay, Naples

The Sandpiper restaurant, a Pelican Bay, Naples, exclusive.


I am not sure there is any other development quite like Pelican Bay … or Bay Colony, for that matter. I could not wait to get out and walk that berm because each day the sights and sounds were different, yet always beautiful. It was certainly far more exciting than being bored to tears on a treadmill indoors, walking to nowhere fast. My walks were the best exercise plan ever and a plan I could follow forever. And then I stopped walking.


I really don’t remember if there was any one thing that made me quit. I guess I could attribute a big part of it to my mother’s death three years ago. Even though she was 92, her passing was a huge shock because she had been so healthy in the days leading up to her death. It really took the wind out of my sails, and I did not feel much like doing anything for quite some time.
As a result, I got out of the habit of walking. That was bad. And lazy. I knew I needed to get back on the berm, but I needed something to motivate me. Sadly, the beauty of the berm was not enough. What I needed was a huge push and, thanks to a tip from a dear friend, I got the push I needed in the form of a magic bracelet.


UP by Jawbone is one of the most amazing gadgets I have ever seen. I knew there were pedometers on the market in various forms from different companies, but Up by Jawbone is incredibly different. The wristband not only tracks how many steps I take, it tells how long I have been idle, how long I have been active and to what degree, how far I have gone and how many calories I have burned in both active and resting states. And what’s even more mind-blowing is that this little device can track not only how long I sleep but how many hours I am in a deep sleep, a light sleep, how many minutes it took me to get to sleep and how many times, if any, I woke up during the night. And it gives me all of this information when I sync it to my iPhone via a free app. I am so hooked on this thing that the only time I take the band off is when I shower or to charge it every five days or so.
So, yes, I am again happily walking on the Pelican Bay berm in all its glory, each time trying to get my 10,000 steps per day logged. And all it took was a magic bracelet.

For more information, log on to www.jawbone/up or visit to your local Apple store.


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