Paddle Fright: Haunted Kayak Tours

Haunted Kayak Tours - Naples Marina and Excursions - Halloween Kayak AdventureFor a hair-raising maritime adventure, join the Naples Marina and Excursions for its Haunted Kayak Tours along the Cocohatchee River, October 15-31. Skim through the water along the mangrove forest edge, where shining eyes peer through creeping roots, and an ominous splash leaves a chilling feeling of dread. Was it the wandering spirit of a pirate long marooned, the ghostly apparition of a runner lost in the mangrove thicket, or was it just a crab carelessly falling in the water?

   Led by experienced guides who will offer a haunted tale or two along the way, the nighttime tours run Thursday through Saturday, on the half-hour from 8 to 10 p.m. Under the cover of darkness, the tour will lead through the backwater estuary, skirting close to the spider trees, in calm and easy paddle conditions—a great experience for beginners and experts; minimum of 8 years of age to join the tour. Weather permitting, expect ample moonlight on the excursion, with the full moon scheduled for October 27—the weekends of October 22-25 and 29-31 should shine bright with waxing and waning gibbous (respectively) phases casting just enough silver light to spy on the souls that have never left the meandering and circuitous Cocohatchee.

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