Personalized to Perfection

These 3 Naples retailers provide monogramming services on products ranging from linens to stationery.

Whether on invitations or menus, embroidered linens or save-the-date cards, the trend with matrimonial monogramming is artistic personalization. “What we’re seeing right now are brides creating what I call a custom crest around one or two initials,” says Laura Melges, owner of Monogram Goods in Naples. “Once I show them this type of thing—that they can include their pet or favorite sport or flowers or whatever’s important to the couple—they’re onboard. We had one couple who loved their dogs and had met on a tennis court, so we had an artist incorporate those elements into their design.”

Embellished duograms, which feature either the two first or last initials of the couple, are popular as well. “You can’t use a monogram on a wedding invitation because the couple isn’t married yet,” says Sheryl Sashin, owner of stationer and gift shop Arabesque of Naples. “So we may start with a duogram on the invitation and then switch to a monogram on the wedding menu while using the same personalized artwork, such as a wreath of flowers, throughout all of the elements. It becomes a theme for the couple, and the continuity is nice.”

Corinne Buonocore Strubel, whose family owns The Paper Merchant, a Naples stationer since 1976, says custom-designed wreaths or crests sometimes extend even further than stationery and wedding accessories. “We’ve seen couples use the design they created on the dance floor at their reception,” she says. “And then from that day forward, it becomes an enduring symbol that can be used in a number of ways, like a family crest.”

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