Power Play


   I have been meaning to write a shout-out to Mitch Fogelman and his Design Electric Co. for a while now. I was reminded of it again as Bob and I were sitting in a non-air-conditioned, somewhat dark condo last week after our high-rise was struck by lightning.

   In Florida, the lightning capital of the country, maybe even the world, many electrical issues arise—especially during the summer—and we have had our share. Design Electric’s staff has been there for us every time we called and in record time.

Florida: Lightning Capital of the U.S.

   When all of our television screens were pixelating and Comcast could not figure out why, Colin from Design Electric was dispatched to our home to work with the Comcast technician to solve the problem.

   When our developer-installed kitchen lights began behaving badly, Heinz was sent to us immediately. Since then, we have had no more issues. And after the lightning strike last week, when our AV equipment was dazed and scrambled, Colin came to the rescue the very next day to set things right. We are so grateful for the company’s help.

   We were introduced to Mitch and his firm more than 10 years ago as the final touches were being made to our new condo building, and we were making plans on how to outfit our new home with all the necessary lighting and audiovisual “bells and whistles.” We, along with our designer, Cynthia Driscoll, met with Mitch and told him everything we wanted done. Mitch listened, understood and saw to it that every request was accomplished—ahead of schedule to boot. The Design Electric team proved to be the most professional we had ever worked with—in any part of the country. They were friendly, smart, efficient and an absolute delight to have in our home.

   Over the last decade, Mitch and his staff have become kind of an extended part of our family. And we have gotten to know Mitch’s own family because so many of them have worked at the company. Mitch’s wife, Kathy, and two of their sons, Jim and Ben, have been a big part of Design Electric’s success. Jim has been to our home often to set up new and updated audiovisual equipment, and I have spoken with Kathy and Ben on several occasions.

   Recently, Bob and I were saddened when Kathy Fogelman passed away after a long illness. Although Mitch, his sons, and everyone at Design Electric had the wind knocked out their sails, I am certain the efficiency and excellence of Design Electric will continue without hesitation.


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