Q&A with Shari and Stacey Summers

Photography by Michael Caronchi

As a mother-daughter duo with more than 40 years of combined experience in design, Shari and Stacey Summers specialize in all things design and décor-related for the home. Leaving Wisconsin’s cold winters behind, Shari moved to Naples in 1982 and began working for a local designer. After the shop closed, she struck out on her own, opening Summerfields Interior Design and establishing Summerfields Fine Furnishings one year later. Stacey, who began accompanying her mother on buying trips in middle school, joined the business as a design assistant after college and soon moved up to store manager. While Shari handles the interior design portion of the business, Stacey manages their specialty boutique shop, which offers a mix of traditional and modern luxury products for the home and garden, as well as some gift items. Summerfields celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year and shows no sign of slowing down.

NI: How have you seen your store and clientele change over the years?

Shari: Besides expanding in the last couple years and adding more floor space, we’re also incorporating more items. Stacey’s extended into bed linens and we’ve added bathware and fragrances as well. When we first opened, I thought we’d have a larger antique market. Nowadays, people want their things brand spanking new, but I still strive to carry some older items. You can’t get the patina on new wood that you can on old wood, and one lovely piece of warm wood will add diversity and a little eye candy to a room’s interior, even if it’s designed with contemporary décor.

What is your best advice for keeping your home’s décor fresh?

Stacey: Add some detail, whether that’s with a pillow or a pop of paint or print. Many people don’t know how to complete the last 10 percent of their home, the finishing touches, and that’s where accessories come in. Hang things on the walls, whether it’s artwork, mirrors, or interesting architecture panels. Switch up your bedding; trade out your white sheets for something with color. And don’t forget the statement pieces: they bring a room together full-circle. Find an exceptional bowl for your coffee table, or a beautiful lamp for your entryway.

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