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Get your rumba on with the hottest accessory this summer. Its no secret that I like adornments, and stacking bracelets and bangles happens to be one of my signature looks year round. Which is way I was thrilled to be introduced to Rumba Time watches. These stylish, fun and very affordable timepieces are ideal for any occasion, perfect for wearing one solo to the beach or a work out, and equally trés chic stacked-up with luxe bangles and bracelets for a night out. Offered in a variety of colors and prints, like this season’s must-have tie-dye, there are endless options for mixing and matching. Right now I’m rocking out the Twilight tie-dye, which coordinates perfectly with all my day-to-night summer ensembles.

On a recent trip over to Naples and a quick pop into the very chic boutique Marissa Collections, I caught up Jay Hartington, one of Rumba Time’s founders to get the scoop how on these cool watches came about, some of his personal style picks, and what’s to come.

KL: What was the inspiration behind Rumba Time and how did this unique watch concept come about?
JH: Rumba Time watches are up for anything. They are perfect for anyone wanting to look good when they’re doing their thing — whatever that may be. All Rumba Time watches are designed to be water-resistant, colorful and easy to wear. They look great alone or stacked together, and are the perfect accessory for adding a streak of color while working out or just gallivanting around town.

 KL: Tell me a little bit about your fashion background?
JH: My family owns Marissa Collections in Naples, FL now in it’s 35th year. I rejoined my parents 4 years ago after working in Saks Fifth Avenues buying department. I grew up in an environment with two creative parents… this business is truly in my blood. I have also always had an interest in watches. As mush as I like the famous watch companies, I tended to find myself wearing inexpensive watches with interesting designs and colors.

KL: Your a hip, young entrepreneur currently residing in Naples, what’s your best hidden Naples secret?
JH: In Naples, I like to go to the Aura bar at the Naples Grande Beach Hotel on Friday nights. They serve Veuve by the glass and amazing adult grilled cheeses with tomato soup. It’s definitely a local vice. Another fun thing is to rent SUP (standup paddle boards) from outside of the Turtle Club. It’s a great sport that provides a killer workout.

KL: What’s your ultimate summer wardrobe?
JH: Living in Florida I’m big on linen shirts all year round. I alternate between Luciano Barbera and Brunello Cucinelli… Sunglasses are always being interchanged from aviators to wrap arounds. Of course I always have at least on Rumba Time on and some days more dependent on what I’m wearing and what mood I’m in.

KL: Who would you love see wearing Rumba Time watches?
JH: We have already had a lot of celebrities wear the watch such as Miley Cyrus, Kate Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Snoop Dogg, Michael Kors and many more. I think it would be cool if the US soccer team came home from the World Cup in South Africa with the trophy in hand with RumbaTimes on their wrists. The trophy might be a stretch, but we can make the RumbaTimes available if needed! Johnny Depp would work too.

KL: In the future will there be other Rumba accessories?
JH: The VanDam collection launched June 15th which already pre-sold very well. We have the second generation of the Original 2.0 Rumba Times available in the Fall. All collections are made with the soft silicone rubber, will be available in an assortment of colors and have either analog or digital movement. I am especially excited for the Mercer collection. It will be at a higher price point then the other collections, but will construction of a classic chronograph with the color options we need in Florida.


Rumba Time watches retail for $20 and are available at


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