3 Apps to Download for Your Next Run

Now that the weather’s finally cooling down, many Neapolitans are ditching their indoor gyms and once again taking to the sidewalks and streets for their exercise.

If you’re looking to switch up your regular workout routine, prepare for an upcoming race, or just log some hours before the holidays hit, these apps can help you accomplish your goals.

Couch-to-5K | Available for iPhone and Android; $1.99

To get race-ready for your next 5k, download Couch-to-5K from active.com. It comes with training plans and virtual coaches to keep you motivated, and you can map and calculate route lengths, log workouts, and listen to playlists with the in-app music player.


Runkeeper | Available for iPhone and Android; free

Determined to stick to your fitness goals? Runkeeper can be your reality check. The mobile app tracks your workouts, including distance and calories burned, and logs your progress. You can choose from about a dozen types of workouts (or add your own), put in the time or upload a map, and then get moving. The app can also create workouts based on your fitness goals, workout frequency, and skill level.


TempoRun | Available for iPhone; $2.99

Have you ever caught yourself running to the tempo of the music on your iPod? With TempoRun, your music fits in step with your pace. By organizing your music library into levels (scaled one to 10) based on the tempo, or beats per minute, of the song. Before your run, simply pick a tempo level and then start moving to the beat. Level one is a walking pace, five is a jog and 10 is a sprint; aim for level six for a perfect pace—about 180 beats per minute.


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