S’mores and More

Banana Rama recipeBanana Rama

We’re raising a stick to cooler temps and the great outdoors with a selection of campfire-inspired desserts. For a primer, a spin on s’mores, banana-style.

   Makes 6

Peel and slice banana to fit atop almond thins, about 2 inches apiece. Place banana slices on a heat-resistant pan or dish and sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar mix to your liking (the more the better). Then, using a crème brûlée torch, fire the bananas until the sugar mix caramelizes, careful not to burn the bananas.

   As the bananas cool, spread a dollop of Nutella on the almond thins. Top with banana slices; serve warm.



More than a Smore

For a switch-up on the smores classic, swap out the gram cracker with a shortbread cookie. It’s all the classic melted chocolate and marshmallow goodness with a hint of decadence.

Ritzy Smores

  • 6 shortbread cookies
  • 12 individual bars of Hershey’s chocolate
  • 6 marshmallows
  • 6 raspberries

Place two Hershey’s bar pieces on a shortbread cookie each. Using a stick or a campfire-roasting fork, place a marshmallow on the end, and hold it in the flame until golden—careful not catch fire, unless you prefer a little char. Once good and hot, put the marshmallow atop the cookie, letting it melt the chocolate. Top with a raspberry just before eating.

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