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There are some things in life that just make you want to scream out: “I gotta have one!”


Just take one look at the awesome new Gibbs Quadski and can’t you just picture yourself blasting along the Intracoastal and heading out to the beach to frolic in the waves?

 Gibbs Sports Amphibians - Quadski

But while it may look like some overgrown jet-ski, it has a little secret – it’s an amphibian. At the touch of a button, its four wheels descend from the bodywork enabling you to drive up off the beach and go play in the sand.


It’s the brainchild of New Zealander Alan Gibbs and his company Gibbs Sports Amphibians which has just started building the Quadski at its shiny new 54,000 sq. ft. assembly plant in Auburn Hills, Michigan.


Powering the Quadski is a 175-horsepower 1.3-liter four-cylinder BMW motorcycle engine from the K1300 sports bike. In ATV mode, the water-cooled motor drives the rear-wheels, pushing the Quadski to a top ‘land’ speed of over 45mph.

 Quadski is not hindered by lack of land or water

When you want to go splash in the water, you simply ease down to your local boat ramp or sandy beach, and drive right in until you start to float.


Now push a button at the side of the ignition switch, the four wheels retract into the fiberglass composite body and the BMW’s power is transferred to a water jet. All in five seconds. Squeeze the throttle and you’re off.


And boy does this thing look fast. Like a jet-ski it shoots up on to the plane and corners by leaning into the turn. Top speed on the water is also reckoned to be around 45 mph.

 Take the Quadski anywhere-except the sky

Unlike a jet ski however, this thing is a whopper. Bow to stern it measures 10.5 feet and side to side it takes up 5.2 feet and weighs in at around 1200 pounds. With the early models only one person can ride the Quadski, which is a little disappointing – this thrill ride is something you want to share. Also, it’s not road-legal, so you’ll need a trailer to haul it home.


As for the price, Gibbs is quoting ‘around’ $40,000, though that will be confirmed when the Quadski goes on sale mid-November. As you’d expect, Florida is high on the company’s radar and dealers are currently in the process of being signed up.


For a day playing at the beach, I just can’t think of anything more fun. As I said: I gotta have one!


To see a video of the Quadski in action, go to:

Gibbs Sports Amphibians - Quadski


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