Svetlana Kogan, MD, brings Mind-Body Healing to Fifth Avenue South

Kogan, a New Yorker turned Naples resident, is integrating holistic health practices into the local wellness scene.

A new holistic health resource has sprouted downtown. Svetlana Kogan, MD, offers her blend of integrative medicine at the concierge internal medicine practice she opened in late spring on Fifth Avenue South. “I’ve always practiced holistic medicine, even though I’m a medical doctor,” she says. “I can prescribe and do what all the usual medical doctors do. But I was always interested in the mind-body aspect of medicine.”

In addition to implementing alternative approaches such as Ayurveda, she also recommends herbal therapies, yoga, and breathing techniques to interested clients. Another practice on offer is energy therapy with Ondamed, a pulse electromagnetic field device used to treat insomnia, counteract lack of energy, and heal wounds. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, she can also use this skill set to help patients address issues with panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

Another major focus of her practice is natural weight management. “I have a program I believe is truly unique in that it deals with maintaining weight loss, as opposed to programs that help you lose weight and then you gain it back,” says Kogan, who published a book on the subject, Diet Slave No More!, three years ago. “It is a nonmedical, mind-body coaching program. [It] deals with empowering the person with mind-body techniques to permanently control urges.”

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