The 1920s dinner

british pullman

The 1920s certainly was the Golden Age of rail travel, which is still romanticized through classic vintage trains like the Venice Simplon Orient-Express. The British Pullman, one of the trains in the Orient-Express family, is celebrating the era for one glorious night.

   On October 27, the gorgeous train, whose decor is inspired by the ’20s and ’30s, will host “The 1920s Dinner,” a period-themed four-course dinner with champagne and wine and all the requisite fanfare. Passengers will step onboard the train and leave behind the 21st century, indulging in the unabashed glamour of the era of flappers and dandies as the carriages roll through the British countryside.

   Should you dress for the occasion? By all means. That’s part of the fun, in fact. Passengers are encouraged to get into the spirit and dress as creatively as possible.

   Fare is 560 USD. Train departs from London’s Victoria station.

british pullman

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