The Naples 10: Paddy Moloney

Lush landscape, beautiful beaches and pristine settings—that’s what Naples is known for. What can be surprising is who might be lunching on the other side of the restaurant, or dropping by Wynn’s Market for a last-minute ingredient. Many of these notables chose Naples because of its quiet beauty and the ability to fly under the radar. We introduce 10 interesting, and possibly surprising, neighbors.


Notable Ambassador

   Paddy Moloney | Founder and Leader of the Chieftains
Paddy Moloney - founder and leader of the Chieftains - photo cred: James O'Mara

As Paddy Moloney prepares for the 50th Anniversary Tour of the Chieftains in 2012, easily the most famous Irish band in the world (apart from U2), it’s not for a reunion tour, or merely a reminiscence of past glory. The Chieftains have never stopped being at the top of their musical game, and 72-year-old leader Moloney doesn’t even contemplate retirement as he looks to the world anniversary tour, including visits to New York’s Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center in Washington, and Albert Hall in London. He revels in his recent audience with Queen Elizabeth during her visit to Ireland, and having one of his tin whistles played by an astronaut in space. An anniversary CD in the works will feature major musicians, a practice that has peppered the Chieftains’ collaborations for years with names including members of the Beatles, Sting, Van Morrison, Ziggy Marley, Art Garfunkel, Elton John and others. “It’s going to be a wonderful year,” Moloney says. Still, the musician, who spends five months of the year at his home of 12 years in Naples, says he can’t get a gig at the Naples Philharmonic Center. “I remember two nights at the Phil, but they haven’t invited me back,” he says, laughing. Also on his to-do list is Broadway. When he’s in Naples, he enjoys his garden, many friends, having parties, and jam sessions with fellow European musicians Michael “Jesse” Owens and Gerry Forde, as well as local musicians. “It’s such a great holiday house,” he says.

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