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A lifelong runner, Carl Egbert is up before dawn each morning for his daily run. So, it is no surprise that his long-standing passion for the sport shows through when he helps customers at Naples on the Run, which he has co-owned since 2012. His partners—Mitch Norgart, Perry Silverman, and Arthur Sheinholz—originally opened the running specialty store in Naples 26 years ago. The store also works with the community to help the community, as it accepts donations of “gently worn” shoes from the public, and then offers them to those in need at Guadalupe Center and St. Matthews House, and has done so for the past 15 years.

Top Running Essentials


Proper-fitting shoes. “If you’re feet aren’t happy, the rest of you isn’t happy,” Egbert says. When choosing a shoe, you should be able to grab some fabric in the toe box while standing still. If you can’t, then the shoe is too snug; feet swell when you exercise and you need to account for that.  Egbert says Brooks, which only makes running and walking shoes, is the store’s best-selling brand—about two to one over its second most-popular, Asics.

Moisture-wicking socks. Not all socks are created equal. Egbert suggests a moisture-wicking sock made of technical fibers, usually a polyester blend, to help reduce blisters and callouses. Cotton socks can lose their shape and retain water.

Appropriate clothing. You don’t need anything fancy, Egbert says, just a comfortable pair of athletic shorts and a dry-fit shirt, which is lighter and more breathable than a cotton T-shirt. And, of course, a proper-fitting sports bra for the ladies.

Anti-chafing balm. It’s important, especially in our humid climate, to protect your skin against irritation during your run, like when clothing rubs your skin repeatedly or there is skin-on-skin friction. A sweat-resistant and anti-blister product, like Body Glide, can make for a smoother, more comfortable run.


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What’s the latest in the athletic shoe market? An over-the-top amount of cushioning. “A few years ago minimal was all the rage and now its moved to an over-sized cushioned shoe like the Hoka One One,” Egbert says. While this can be ideal for certain individuals with previous running injuries or another specific need for that extra support, he says the best choice is usually somewhere in the middle.

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