Autumn Chill | Norman Love Confections

The calendar says fall, but the thermometer insists it’s still summer. Our advice for beating the heat: a visit to Norman Love Confections, Naples, or Artisan Gelato by Norman Love, Fort Myers, for some frozen bliss. We’re nuts for the simply brilliant interpretation of the ice cream sandwich. The built-to-order frozen treat combines delicate crispy French macarons with dense, creamy Italian gelato in a distinctly American goody.

   “All the cookies taste the same,” says pastry chef John Cook, so choosing one color over another is merely for the visual appeal. Customization comes via the filling. The dark pink macarons may look fab flanking a slab of cherry vanilla gelato, but they can be filled with any flavor, such as straciatella, peanut butter or mango—or a fruit sorbetto for a dairy-free dessert fix.

Ice Cream Sandwich - Norman Love Confections

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