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When it comes to model quality makeup advice, few are more qualified then Celebrity Face Artist, Tim Quinn. Front man of Giorgio Armani Beauty, Giorgio Armani Beauty celebrity face artist Tim QuinnQuinn has traveled the globe, working on the faces of models, celebrities and dignitaries, for photo shoots, fashion shows, television and movie appearances, as well as award shows, including the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. Quinn’s work and advice has been featured on the covers of glossy magazines (our 2012 Charity Register for instance), television shows such as the Today Show, Extra and E! Entertainment, as well as working closely with Oprah and First Lady, Michelle Obama. On the recent Naples Charity Register cover shoot, Quinn gave us some advice on the perfect look for a night-out this season.

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Eye Shadow

Quinn’s product of choice: Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Eyes to Kill Intense, no. 8, Champagne


Giorgio Armani Beauty - Eyes to Kill Intense eye shadow, no. 8, Champagne   “When you are doing your eyes for an evening look, I think it is important to do your eyes before your complexion that way you do not have to do a double clean up. So I like to work with water proof shadows, for the gala season, the new eyes to kill shadows have an 18-hour wear, which is really amazing because you can do your makeup when ever you are comfortable and you can go all night.”

   “I like to use a finger, your ring finger, to pat a neutral tone onto the lid, the mobile lid. It is interesting, if you are going to be doing a bolder lip, which we will be doing, to work with something that is a little more neutral on the eye so it is not too overwhelming.”

   “So I think the shade of rose gold works best on most skin types, it is most flattering, so I like this number 8. Number 9 eye scale is just a tone darker, and we can use just a little of that so we can just sort of sweep into the crease with a fluffy brush.”



Giorgio Armani Beauty Smooth Silk Eye Pencil -  celebrity face artist Tim QuinnTop product: Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Smooth Silk Eye Pencil


   “I like to use an eye pencil that is waterproof that way I can go right into the lash line, starting in small strokes filling the whole lash line. I also like to fill the water line so that you have that really bold definition surrounding the eye.”

   “Then you can use a coordinating waterproof shadow to kind of soften that and give you a more modern edge.”



Product to use: Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Eyes to Kill Stretch Lengthening mascara


Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Stretch Lengthening mascara - celebruty face artist Tim Quinn   “For mascara, I like to use The Eyes To Kill. Use the brush to sweep it down from the top of the lash first, then come from underneath, so you are really building the lash line and adding more volume, top and bottom.”

   “You will find that sometimes you can put one coat of mascara on and give it a curl, and then do your mascara. But if you are not really diligent with that, don’t try it at home because it tends to pull the lashes out.”

   “If you are going to use some false lashes, that is great too. I still like to have one coat of mascara first so you can see where you need to fill. As you layer it, kind of sweep it to the side a little to give it more of that open, cat-eye look.”



Tools of the trade: Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Brow Defining Pencil

Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Brow Definign Brush - celebrity face artist Tim  QuinnMethod

   “When doing the eye, it is important to frame the brow. I usually start by lining the pencil to the side of the nose, straight up, which will tell you where the brow should start. Then pivot your eye pencil so it is directly above the pupil, that will give you an idea of where the high point, the arch, should be. Then pivot the pencil again so it  lines up with the outer end of your nose and the outer edge of your eye. Make a little mark and that will tell you where the brow should end.“

   “And in small strokes, just fill it in. I like a brow pencil better then a powder, I find it tends to wear longer.”

   “You are seeing a lot, this season especially, brows being really over dramatic, but that is really best for the runway.”

   “Lastly, if you want to highlight under the brow bone, you can use your concealer rather than a shimmer. You don’t want to see that shimmer from lash to brow though, it is kind of dated.”


Giorgio Armani Beauty - celebrity face artist Tim Quinn - fall fashion makeup, smoky eye 
Watch the video to see Tim Quinn’s step-by-step technique. Stay tuned for the complete look.


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Giorgio Armani Beauty - fall fashion season, bold lip and smoky eye - celebruty face artist Tim Quinn

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