How to Create the Perfect Brows

Dani Taverna, owner of Duality Artistry, says, “A lot of people are using products that help grow the brow, as well as fiber-filled gels that add volume.” While prescription treatment Latisse and over-the-counter serum neuLash are popular for boosting growth, there are also several fiber gels to create lush-looking brows. Marie Christine St. Pierre, owner of La Femme Perfumery, recommends Blinc, a water-resistant mousse she carries that tints hair and fills in sparse areas. It stays on until you take it off with eye-makeup remover and is available in a wide range of colors. Another option to try, WunderBrow, uses a proprietary gel and hair fiber complex to fill in sparse spots and it lasts a few days.

When shaping brows, consider face shape. “If you have a low brow bone, make sure you create space between your lash line and your brow,” Taverna says. “A lot of people color from the bottom of the brow, [but] to create more space, use your color above the brow line.”

Nina Ricci.

For a more lasting solution, a technique getting a lot of attention is microblading, which uses a tool with small needles to create tiny lines resembling eyebrow hairs. Marie Benson, who performs this and other permanent makeup procedures at The Laser Lounge in Estero and Bonita Springs, warns that it’s critical to do some research and choose a reputable, experienced, properly trained professional, and to fully understand the pros and cons.

“I do like the microblading technique,” Benson says. “However, few clients are good candidates for it. The skin can only be tattooed so many times in the same spot before it will look messy and eventually reject future pigment.”

Benson prefers the Nouveau Contour digital device, which has 18 needle configurations for the same realistic effect that microblading boasts. “The aspect that makes me prefer this device,” she says, “is that it is very precise and consistent in depth.” She says it’s great for someone with scar tissue from repeated or inexperienced brow tattooing and those who have toughened skin from sun damage.

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