Autumn Decorating Tips for the Holidays

Whether you use flowers, candles or a freshly-baked apple pie, make sure to incorporate some delicious autumn scents into your home along with your fall decor.

While the change of seasons may not be as visible in Southwest Florida as it is up north, there are still many ways to celebrate autumn. Here, Naples interior designers share their best tips to bring the wonders of fall into your home.

1. Design your table for the season.

When setting the table, how you arrange the food is very important, says Shari Summers of Summerfields Interior Design. “I’ve taken seasonal fruits and vegetables and used them as decoration at my table,” she says. “I’ve even taken cherry tomatoes and put them in a glass vase and used them to hold flowers in place. The red comes through the glass so nicely and looks very festive.”

Need some inspiration for your table? Be sure to check out our festive holiday tablescapes here.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Harris of Renée Gaddis Interiors suggests setting the table, whether or not you’re hosting a seated dinner. “Even if people won’t be sitting there at parties, a beautifully designed dining room table can really bring the holiday season into your home with linens, flowers, serving platters, or flatware,” she says. “I love bringing in mixtures of glass cups and plates, and using napkins in red, orange, or gold tones with fancy rings around them.”

Thanksgiving tablescapes - design tips for fall

2. Try a fresh twist on the traditional centerpiece.

A stunning centerpiece on your dining room table makes a world of difference during the fall season. “It adds a lot to the space and makes it feel more organic and inviting when people walk in,” says Harris, who suggests placing a pumpkin in the center and surrounding it with flowers in striking red or orange tones, such as roses and even hydrangeas. Colorful mums are also a popular choice for the fall.

Fall-inspired decor for the home - Thanksgiving hme decor

For another festive fall display perfect for dressing up your table, create a variety of miniature pieces and group them together for a gorgeous presentation. Try hollowing and rinsing out small gourds and filling them with moss, flowers, and greenery, like these beautiful arrangements below. Our tip? The rich autumn shades of carnations, chrysanthemums, and garden roses pair perfectly with small succulents and eucalyptus leaves.

Photo and presentation by Nicole Ehrlich.

For a tropical take on the typical centerpiece, Susan Bay, owner of Bay Design Store, recommends arranging locally grown fruit such as mangos, oranges, papayas, pineapples, or key limes to resemble a cornucopia. “When you’re originally from the north, as many Naples residents are, you’re used to traditional fall colors, but since we don’t have fall leaves down here, you can fill a large wooden bowl or trough with the tropical fruits and then add some fall flowers in golds or greens,” Bay says.

3. Add accent pieces in warm fall shades.

While aqua and blue hues, which reflect coastal living, tend to dominate the decor in many Neapolitan homes, Bay suggests complementing cool tones with small accent pieces, such as pillows, in warmer shades for fall. “One of our showrooms is going into browns, navies, and whites, and another is going into greens, camels, and creams,” Bay says.

Chrysanthemums - Thanksgiving and Fall Inspired Design for the home - fall flowers

Another way to usher in the season is to decorate your home’s entryway with fresh flowers in fall colors, adds Harris. Dahlias, marigolds, and mums, which bloom in a variety of lush colors, are popular choices for fall.

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