Slonem and Parrisi Collaboration at Harmon-Meek | modern

Searching for that special new statement piece for the season? Harmon-Meek | modern is here to help. When it comes to accessories, there’s nothing quite as elegant as a matching scarf and handbag featuring a unique and memorable pattern. Whether you’re looking for a classic black-and-white print, pink floral design, or spring green motif, make sure to stop by the gallery’s exclusive trunk show on November 16 for a peek at their newest line of purses and scarves, designed collaboratively by internationally-acclaimed artist Hunt Slonem and Marlene Craig, Vice President of Design at Parrisi Luxury Group.

Harmon-Meek Gallery has represented Slonem, a painter and sculptor known for his Neo-Expressionist works of exotic butterflies, tropical birds, and playful rabbits, for over 20 years and is one of the first galleries in the country to offer these accessories, which feature Slonem’s iconic works of animals and nature memorialized in the luxury group’s classic designs.

“The art world and the fashion world meet over and over again, I’ve seen it endlessly in my years as an artist,” says Slonem. “I’m so excited to be part of the union with Parrisi Luxury Group, in bringing my art to the world of luxury handbags and scarves. I feel it’s a great meeting of art and fashion.”

mansion copy
One of Hunt Slonem’s lavishly decorated mansions (photo by Marco Ricca). Flora-inspired Purple Haze painting (bottom left). Pattern shown on Kate handbag (bottom right).

CHL2574 copy

The collection includes a variety of exquisite leather handbags and clutches as well as cashmere and silk scarves. Each individual piece is handmade in Italy over the course of several months and features an engraved gold plaque signifying the number in the particular painting series along with the artist’s engraved signature. Since there are only 250 purses made in each style, customers who purchase one will be in possession of an extremely unique work of artistry.

Craig, who has been personally involved with each aspect of the design process from the original concept to turning the ideas into computer-aided designs, also traveled to Italy to follow production. “I developed the gold hardware and worked with the screen maker to develop prints that would look exactly like Hunt’s art,” says Craig. “They are like my babies – I have watched them grow from a simple idea to the beautiful items they have grown up to be.”

To successfully capture Slonem’s art on each accessory, the process required a specialized hand-screened printing technique to ensure his work was accurately represented.

“This process was developed strictly for our project,” says Jon Paul Parrisi, co-creator of Parrisi Luxury Group. “After months of researching factories and searching for the highest quality materials we finally have something beautifully handmade that sets a standard for luxury.”

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Tocos, bright hues and classic repetition, shown on Harper handbag (bottom left) and scarf (bottom right).

108_HARPER_TOCOS_hero_slouch copy

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