At Home

At Home with John and Pam Blakely. Photo by Tomek Ostrowski

At Home with John and Pam Blakely

Migrating between their coastal homes in the southern states, the couple glides through retirement
At home with Chris Miller. Photo by Nick Shirghio

At Home with Chris Miller

A seasonal Naples resident furnishes his entire condo with sustainably chic secondhand finds
Sheila and Tim Zellers at their waterfront home with a view. Photo by Nick Shirghio

At Home with The Zellers Family

A longtime Naples couple live a blessed life in their waterfront home with a priceless view
Brown furniture is most closely associated with English and American furniture made of walnut, mahogany, and even rosewood from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Worth It: The Staying Power of Brown Furniture

Video by Daniel Fortune Everyone can think of a term or phrase that makes them cringe. “Brown furniture” is generally one such term that leaves...
Christa Wilm’s shell art at The Gasparilla Inn. Photo by Brantley Photo

Worth It: Fresh from Florida

The Sunshine State’s regional art reflects its natural surrounds and the interesting individuals who have lived here
Devoted art collectors Marsha and Michael Goldstein and puppy Hey Jude in their great room surrounded by eclectic works of art; the first piece they purchased—the Picasso ceramic—sits to the left of center. Photography by Nick Shirghio

At Home with Michael and Marsha Goldstein

Devoted art collectors exhibit an exquisite and varied anthology of works—spanning thousands of years—in their Naples residence
Richard and Christine. Photo by Nick Shirghio

At Home with Richard Lublin and Christine Stahl Lublin

Living a fabulous life: golfing, giving, and acting
Linda and Frank Meak. Photo by Nick Shirghio

At Home with Frank and Linda Meak

A Neapolitan couple live a full life in a downsized residence
James and Callhan Soldavini with son Francis. Photo by Nick Shirghio

At Home with the Soldavini Family

Every room in the Lake Park home of James and Callhan Soldavini is decorated for annual Christmas hosting
Steven and Heather Greenwald enjoy a morning chat in the kitchen. Photo by Nick Shirghio

At Home with Steven and Heather Greenwald

An American cowboy theme prevails in this refined home on the coastal range