Inspiring Home Design Ideas for Bathrooms

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Whether you prefer a relaxing soak in the tub or a spa-like shower, there are many options to consider when deciding on a bath renovation. Shari Summers of Summerfields Interior Design sees popularity in sculptural freestanding tubs, which can create a stunning wow factor. “It’s like a piece of artwork for your bathroom,” she says.

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Showers are also larger and more luxurious than ever, according to Linda Burke of Linda Burke Interiors. “They are more like a spa with plenty of shower heads, music, and even colored lights,” she says.

“Some are so large they could be a car wash!” adds Jenny Provost of K2 Design Group.

What to do with all that space? “Large walk-in showers with an entire wall clad in accent tile” is on trend, says Minka McDonald of Jinx McDonald Interior Designs. And when it comes to selecting tile, Bethany O’Neil of Bethany O’Neil Interior Design points to glass tile, both frosted and gloss, as sought-after options.

Another increasingly popular trend is the wet room, which is appealing in part for its luxurious simplicity. “Total wet baths means everything flows together without delineation between the tub and shower areas,” says Dwayne Bergmann of Dwayne Bergmann Interiors. With an aging population, a barrier-free bath area has great appeal.

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The options can appear endless—and daunting—when looking for the perfect tile in a bathroom remodel. Linda Burke of Linda Burke Interiors says three-dimensional tiles are “coming on strong” with many new selections in large format sizes, 12 by 16 inches and larger. Dwayne Bergmann of Dwayne Bergmann Interiors sees a movement toward even larger tile, such as 48- by 96-inch pieces. Meanwhile, Bethany O’Neil of Bethany O’Neil Interior Design favors Artistic Tile as the “hottest brand” right now. “They have amazing patterns and have figured out beautiful ways of mixing marble and glass,” she says.

For flooring, where thickness is an issue, Shari Summers of Summerfields Interior Design says porcelain tiles that look like stone remain popular. “Also, in precision-cut mosaics, we are seeing mixtures of stones, or glass and stones, in intricate patterns used as insets with stone borders around the perimeter,” says Summers.

While dimensioned tile with sculptured patterns are popular because of the texture they bring to the bathroom, Jenny Provost of K2 Design Group points out they can be more difficult to maintain, depending on the selection that is made.

The powder room is an ideal area to reveal your personality. Designers say you can create the unexpected by going dark and dramatic or bright and bold. (K2 Design Group | Doug Thompson)

“We’ve been having a great time using multiple and varied stone and tile materials that create a landscape of great interest with texture, sheen, style, and color,” she says.


Unlike other areas of the home, design experts say powder rooms are a great space to splurge and show your personal style. “The powder room can be dark and dramatic,” says Kira Krümm of KDG-Kira Krümm & Co. “Since it is a small area, the walls can be adorned with a specialty finish and the flooring can be a unique accent tile.”

The vanity is also a focal point where you can showcase your style.

“Add a unique vanity and precious-stone tops that are lit from behind or underneath, which highlights nature’s creation in quartz and fossils,” says Bethany O’Neil of Bethany O’Neil Interior Design.

When it comes to paint, this is an opportunity to be bold. “Try rich, saturated color on the walls, perhaps in a high sheen,” says Jenny Provost of K2 Design Group. “Create the unexpected. Small rooms can have huge personality.”

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SMALL CHANGES, BIG IMPACT: 5 Simple Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Mini Makeover

1. Paint the bathroom in a fresh new color.

2. Swap out the cabinet hardware.

3. Add unique art for personality.

4. Upgrade the bath fixtures and showerheads.

5. Refresh with accessories, such as decorative rugs and hand towels.

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