Melanie Bacal Korn, M.D.

Dr. Melanie Bacal Korn, M.D. board-certified in psychiatry and neurology has been in practice for over 40 years. Recently Dr. Korn was selected as one of the top psychiatrists in America by the independent Washington, D.C. based Consumer’s Research Council of America. Inspired by a love of science and research, she was in medical school when she realized her true passion was helping patients lead happier and healthier lives. “I love people,” she says. Dr. Korn trained at New York University Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital and received her M.D. degree from New York University School of Medicine. She specializes in brief interventional therapies.

Patients come to the empathetic and understanding doctor for different reasons; medical issues, drug interactions, improperly prescribed medications, drug-free therapy, behavior modification, troubles with a spouse, children, or jobs and a multitude of other issues. As a master psychopharmacologist, she is also recognized for her skill to optimally balance interactions between diverse drugs. “My goal is to eradicate
suffering as quickly as possible and install changes that will last and not have symptoms return months or years later,” she says.

Dr. Korn’s confidential sessions are held in her private, warm, and relaxed office. One skill her patients particularly appreciate is her ability to listen. Her proficiency and kindness are other attributes her patients frequently mention.

Over the years she has seen a lot of changes in psychiatry and is pleased that there is less social stigma associated with emotional and
mental illness than there once was. “There is increasing acceptance and understanding, and people are more willing to improve their lives by seeking treatment,” Dr. Korn says.

Melanie Bacal Korn, M.D.
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