Michelin 2015 NYC

The Michelin Red Guide to New York City’s best restaurants was released last week, and it included the usual smattering of surprises.

For nearly a century, Michelin has been the arbiter of restaurant fortunes—first in France, then throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S. At the top levels, establishments are awarded stars: one (very good in its class), two (worth a detour) or three (worth a special journey). Since the Guide’s releases are staggered throughout the calendar year, the number of starred restaurants is constantly fluctuating, but there are currently around 110 three-stars around the world.

The biggest shock was the demotion of Restaurant Daniel, the flagship of celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, from three stars down to two. Boulud immediately released a statement to the effect that “two stars is still an honor,” but it’s doubtful that he was quite as gracious in private. “Daniel Boulud is a great chef and he’s got a wildly popular restaurant,” said Michelin international director Michael Ellis. “But we’ve been following him closely and he hasn’t been consistently delivering food at the three-star level. We look forward to him winning it back soon.”

Michelin Guide to New York City 2015

Here are the other notable winners and losers:


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