Naples Easy, Healthy Eats

With the busy social season upon us, we are more pressed for time, which often means healthy eating habits can get lost in the shuffle. What’s a health-minded person to do? Let one of these local chefs ?dedicated to good-for-you food (and deliciously convenient delivery) cook for you.


De Luca’s Healthy Meal Plan Delivery

DeLuc'as Helathy Meal Plan Delivery - Bok Choy and Cauliflower Fried Rice

After growing up in the kitchen peeling carrots and potatoes with his father, Chris De Luca followed in his footsteps and became a chef. Today he focuses his delivery service on providing healthy meals for people too busy to cook. “A lot of my friends have kids and spouses and full-time jobs,” De Luca says. “They didn’t have time to spend with their families. So I started working for a few friends, preparing meals and charging them, and more people started to catch on. It just evolved into this whole business.”

  • High-protein meals with 100-percent organic produce
  • Weekly create-your-own meal plans, pay as you go
  • 239-776-0101,


Fresh Fit Foods

Fresh Fit Foods - O'Connor's Roasted Pork Loin - CrossFit Food

After his brother opened a CrossFit gym, Chad O’Connor was inspired to start his own complementary business, preparing healthy gluten- and dairy-free paleo meals for those who were focused on fitness. He has expanded his base to include consumers who just want to eat healthy. “All of my meals come delivered in Styrofoam containers with ice packs, so the meals stay cool for hours. To come home and have food sitting there, ready for you to heat up and eat, is a great feeling,” O’Connor says.

  • Six-week cycle of menus consisting of lean protein and fresh vegetables
  • Lunches, dinners and family-style meals offered
  • 239-595-2503,


InnerG Health Fuel

Paleo Cupcake - InnerG Health Fuel - Lori Quinn

A certified holistic health counselor, Lori Quinn was inspired after working with clients and finding a common theme: everyone wanted to eat healthier but didn’t have the time or knowledge to prepare the meals. So Quinn started making meals for friends, and her business soon grew into a full delivery and pickup service. “When you have healthy food readily available, it helps to avoid making unhealthy choices,” Quinn says.

  • Gluten-free meals
  • Ideal for raw, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles
  • 239-572-1979,


Raw Juice Girl Delivered

Raw Juice Girl Delivered - cold-pressed organic vegetable juiceNicole Mariani was introduced to the benefits of juicing after her father began following a healthy diet that she believes helped heal him from a life-threatening disease in 1991. After battling cancer herself, she began to focus on creating cold-pressed organic vegetable juices as part of her lifestyle. “It was an interesting journey, figuring out what made me feel better; that’s what makes me so passionate about it,” Mariani says.

  • 100-percent organic, cold-pressed raw vegetable juices and juice cleanses
  • Seasonal recipes made with local produce
  • 239-231-8744,


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