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Sean Hannity - Conservative Talk Show Host - Fox NewsFox News Channel’s Sean Hannity can be seen on his eponymous program, Hannity, weekday evenings, but don’t be surprised if you run into him around town. The talk show host and author retreats to his Naples condo as often as his schedule allows. Like many of us, he first found the city while visiting for business and fell head over heels. The conservative pundit talked with NI about his career, his Naples experiences and his family.

NI: What do you think of our city on the Paradise Coast?
SH: That’s what I call Naples, paradise. I get off the plane, and as I’m driving into my little place there, everyone’s outside running and doing other outdoor activities in the middle of winter. I’m thinking, “Why do I live up north in the cold?” Naples is just beautiful. I love Fifth Avenue South, the beach, the golf and the people.

How did you discover Naples?
I used to do a lot more speaking engagements earlier in my career. I went to Naples three or four times. One time I brought my wife and kids with me. We stayed at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples and my family loved it.

How often do you visit?
My kids have busy schedules, so unfortunately not as often as I want—a couple of times a season. We spend two weeks around Christmas, and I try to sneak in a few long weekends. Naples is definitely my future home.

We hear you are a tennis fan. Is it a family affair?
My kids don’t want to play with me anymore because I’m not as good as they are. My daughter is 11 and my son is 14, and they play USTA tournaments. My kids play much more tennis than I do and at a much higher level than I ever did. Tiburón has courts, and we play at Cambier Park; it’s the nicest place with some of the best-kept tennis courts I’ve seen for a public facility.


Sean Hannity’s Naples Picks
The conservative talk show host figures he has the city down pat, and knows just where to go and what to do. Some of his favorites:
Dining: Vergina, Chops City Grill, Skyline Chili
Golf: Tiburón Golf Club
Tennis: Cambier Park
The waterfront: Riding Jet Skis in the Gulf or exploring the mangroves with his two kids, and fishing.
Perfect evening: Dinner on Fifth Avenue South and live music in Sugden Plaza.

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