Savvy Self-Defense Classes to Kick Off the New Year

Impact Martial Arts is owned and operated in Naples by Alex Timin, who began his formal martial arts training in 1992. Classes are open to everyone and focus on prevention strategies, communication skills, and physical techniques. He also offers free children’s safety, women’s assault prevention, and stranger danger classes throughout the year.

Naples Niseido Ju Jitsu holds both women and children’s self-defense classes. The program’s “finale” involves a live street simulated attack. The class is accredited by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The Academy of Martial Arts offers self-defense group workshops for women—and its regular karate classes include self-defense instruction. The Academy also offers classes in Krav Maga, the official fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Meanwhile, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office offers free R.A.D. (rape, aggression, defense) programs for women in the community. Programs are nine hours in total, split into three- or four-hour sessions as decided on by the group. At the end of the program, there is an optional scenario-based training. For more information, contact CCSO at (239) 252-9300.

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