Sense of Place: Anne Fleming

Photography by Michael Caronchi

Anne Fleming, general manager of Waterside Shops, moved to Naples in 2013. She grew up in Salinas Valley, an agricultural region of central California known as the “Salad Bowl of the World.” Jovial by nature, Fleming attends various charitable and social events in town during season, where her smiling blue eyes always stand out in a crowd. “I live life as if everything is rigged in my favor,” she says. One of her daily rituals is to rise at dawn to journal and pray; she finds serenity at the Garden of Hope & Courage, which she calls Naples’ best-kept secret. Here, Fleming shares a guilty pleasure, a few of her favorite things in Naples, and much more.

1. Cherished art: A multimedia piece, created by Community School eighth graders, hanging in my dining room.

2. Esteemed author: I favor female writers, memoirs, and historical biographies. My favorite is Karen Blixen, who wrote the lyrical and magical Out of Africa.

3. Go-to scent: Tuberose Gardenia, part of Estée Lauder’s private collection. At home, it’s dozens of fresh lemons to scent the air naturally and beautifully.

4. What few people know about her: My family has been farming produce in Salinas Valley and Imperial Valley, California, for four generations. A highlight of every spring is the crate of sweet onions that arrives from my cousin during harvest.

5. Entertaining must-haves: My collection of antique dewdrop tumblers and knife rests.

7. Best locally made product: Royal Scoop ice cream.

8. Craveable local bite: True Food Kitchen’s Charred Cauliflower.

9. Go-to hostess gift: Jo Malone Candles.

10. On her playlist: Baroque music, especially the chorale works of Bach and Handel.

11. Guilty pleasure: Kringle from Racine, Wisconsin—the official pastry of the state.

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