Stropharia Mushroom Farm Unveils Naples Shop

Stropharia Mushroom Farm’s organic gourmet mushrooms are now available via the new storefront on Jaeger Road

Stropharia Mushroom Farm’s organic gourmet mushrooms
Stropharia Mushroom Farm’s organic gourmet mushrooms.

Stropharia Mushroom Farm has built a loyal following in Naples with its fresh, organic gourmet mushrooms, which are sold at area farmers markets and served in discriminating restaurants such as Sails, Hyde N Chic, The Bohemian, and A Table Apart, to name just a few.

Now its king oysters, black pearls, pioppino, lion’s mane, and other fantastical fungi are the stars of Stropharia’s new storefront, which is situated in front of the warehouse in which these are grown at 5385 Jaeger Road in Naples.

“We’d planned to locate the store elsewhere, but the hurricane changed that,” explains Jor’El Schustrin, who owns and operates the farm and store with his brother, Sheth Schustrin. 

Jor’El Schustrin and Sheth Schustrin
Jor’El Schustrin and Sheth Schustrin

The brothers have big plans for the store, where they sell fresh and dried mushrooms, mushroom empanadas, tinctures, lion’s mane fruit punch, locally grown microgreens, and more. They are holding Dining with Mushroom events, chef dinners, and other mushroom-related activities periodically. 

The business has come a long way in the decade since Jor’El began tinkering with mushrooms at home after learning that lion’s mane mushrooms could be beneficial to his stepfather, who has Parkinson’s disease. Meanwhile, Sheth, a chef, and his family moved back to the area, and the pair decided to go into business together. The home project gradually expanded to fill the house, then a warehouse, then a bigger warehouse, and a bigger one still. And now there’s the store as well. 

“We’re looking forward to bringing in all kinds of chefs and others with mushroom knowledge and teaching people about the health benefits and the many ways to use mushrooms,” Jor’El says.

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