The Great Outdoors: The Naples Art Association

John Costin - Snowy EgretThe Naples Art Association has added new opportunities to live up to its motto of “Imagine! Discover! and Create!” New this year are one-day make-and-take workshops for crafting everything from paintings to jewelry, while the Intuitive Art and Yoga course is designed to strengthen the body and creativity. Back by popular demand, the Art Connects lecture series brings art lovers, historians and artists together to dive deeper into the creation and science of art. Topics range from the intersection of art and technology to violin with Jeff Leigh, a violinist with the Naples Philharmonic.

   The natural beauty of Florida will also be highlighted through a series of presentations spotlighting the state’s natural splendor. Works to be displayed include realistic etchings of Florida’s native birds by Tampa artist John Costin and the Members’ Gallery of works inspired by Mother Nature created by the members of the association.

John Costin - Pensive Great Blue

The natural beauty of Florida informs the work of artist John Costin, whose art to be featured at NAA includes Snowy Egret, top, and Pensive Great Blue, above.

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