The Naples 10: Robin Cook

Lush landscape, beautiful beaches and pristine settings—that’s what Naples is known for. What can be surprising is who might be lunching on the other side of the restaurant, or dropping by Wynn’s Market for a last-minute ingredient. Many of these notables chose Naples because of its quiet beauty and the ability to fly under the radar. We introduce 10 interesting, and possibly surprising, neighbors.


The Good Doctor

   Robin Cook | Author and Physician

Robin Cook - novelist and physcian who penned Coma - photo cred: John Earle
The phone line crackles from Beijing, where Robin Cook is midway through a tour of China. It’s part vacation, part business for the physician/author whose name is synonymous with the “medical thriller” genre. Nearly 35 years after his breakthrough novel Coma—a bellwether fictionalization of corruption in the health-care industry—and some 29 titles later, Cook is intrigued by China’s growing economic power and what it might mean for modern medicine, an “inherently scary” topic that only gets scarier by adding elements of a secretive culture and a repressive government. “This trip has stimulated my imagination, both good and bad, so I’m sure we’ll end up doing some project involving China. Besides, they’ve already pirated most of my novels anyway,” he quips. In the meantime, Cook, who splits his time between Boston and Naples, has been working with his own production company to turn his 2010 bestseller Cure into a movie screenplay while simultaneously putting the final touches on Death Benefit, due in December. The new book will explore ties between Wall Street and the life insurance business. It’s a sure bet he’ll be doing much of his writing in Naples, his second home since the 1980s, because it doesn’t have the distractions of the big city. “It’s a good place to write when I’m there,” he says. “Calm, relaxed … I feel like I can concentrate with nothing else impinging on my time.”

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