Tiny Tapas

Lamoraga recreates the pinchos of Spain’s tapas crawl

LamoragaThe menu at Lamoraga evokes the cuisine of Spain, particularly with its pinchos, smaller versions of tapas that are traditionally served in the Basque region and popular throughout the country. “Pinchos are the perfect bar food,” says owner Tom Nutten, a former guard for the St. Louis Rams who traded in his Super Bowl ring for a career in hospitality. “They’re easy to eat and come in many different shapes and flavors.” To begin a meal, diners may order the assortment pictured here on ciabatta bread: braised short rib with mascarpone, roasted tomato, and mushroom ragout; Serrano ham with grated hard-boiled egg; and melted manchego cheese, tomato puree, and quince paste. “The great thing about pinchos is that they’re perfect to share with good friends,” adds Nutten. 

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