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When planning a wedding, it’s no surprise that Naples’ beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets make it a popular destination to tie the knot. “We’re doing more and more destination weddings of people who have second homes in Naples who want to get married at a venue that means something to them, such as a private estate or local club they’ve grown up at like Royal Poinciana or Grey Oaks,” says Anna Lucia Richardson, founder of Anna Lucia Events ( She grew up in Southwest Florida and 80 percent of the weddings she plans are in the Naples area as well, though her company is based in Tampa.

 Personalized Welcome Bags

The longstanding tradition of brides and grooms presenting guests with a welcome box or basket of sweets, treats, or small gifts is becoming much more customized. Besides the ever-popular welcome bag containing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen that doubles as a beach tote for many Florida weddings, some couples are setting up assembly stations and even entire rooms for guests to build their own unique bags. “Couples are structuring the welcome bags to give guests options, as well as taking the opportunity to put in a few of their own favorite things, whether that’s cupcakes, donuts, or even mini Bloody Mary kits,” says Richardson. “Last season, one of our client couples worked with their favorite vineyard to put two bottles of custom-labeled wine in each of their guests’ bags.”

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Larger, Looser Bouquets Featuring Lots of Greenery

“For a while, bouquets and floral elements were tight, compact, and structured, and now we’re seeing a shift back to the big cascading bouquets that were popular 10 to 12 years ago,” says Richardson. Peonies, ranunculus, and tulips add depth and texture to the bouquets, which are enhanced by loose and organic elements with plenty of foliage. “Greenery is the Pantone color of the year, and people are including it in their weddings by bringing in hedges, boxwoods, garlands, and more,” she adds.

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Images and Video Mapping As Décor

Instead of wrapping the reception room in drapery and flowers, more brides and grooms are opting to use video projections reflected on the walls to create unique backgrounds and ambiance. “We did a wedding where there were mountains reflected in the background and the light made it look like it was snowing, and we’ve also used floral elements like cherry blossoms rustling in the breeze for a spring wedding,” says Richardson. “It’s a fun element that provides a little bit of movement and makes guests feel like they’re experiencing an outdoor setting inside.”

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