What Flower Matches Your Personality?

From the graceful calla lily to the cheerful sunflower, each blossom is as distinct as those who admire it. The botanical world holds something for everyone, with blooms to match a myriad of personalities. Here, local floral experts share their insight into what your favorite flowers say about you.




Qualities: Chic, contemporary, exotic

Best suited for: A nonconformist fashionista

The dynamic orchid makes the perfect gift for a charming, outgoing person with a unique outlook on life. “I think the woman who chooses an orchid for her home is a chic, contemporary person who wants a beautiful bloom that will last a long time,” says Anne Weil of Couture Bouquets, a floral design business in Naples.

Calla Lily

Qualities: Dignified, elegant, sophisticated

Best suited for: A stylishly modern person

A traditionally regal blossom, the calla lily calls to mind a certain elegance and grace. “If you had a girlfriend or significant other with a striking sense of style, you might give her a calla lily because it’s a very sleek flower that reflects that same modern style,” says Amanda Hayes-Florance of Fresh, a floral studio in Naples.




Qualities: Cheerful, informal, optimistic

Best suited for: A positive, easygoing free spirit

The sunflower’s bright yellow hue never fails to make people smile. “Sunflowers are the epitome of cheer,” says Weil. “They’re bright, happy flowers that send out a warm, casual message. If you see them in an arrangement in a home, it’s because the person wants to bring cheer in all around her.”


Qualities: Adaptable, perky, upbeat

Best suited for: A vibrant, fun-loving extrovert

Particularly known to signal the arrival of spring, these radiant blooms come in virtually all colors to exude joyfulness. “Tulips are happy, perky flowers that love the light,” says Weil. “Similarly, the person who loves tulips is also very bright and perky. I connect them with naturally lighthearted and upbeat people.”




Qualities: Playful, romantic, self-assured

Best suited for: A first love or new relationship

With an aura of youthful innocence, the fragrant lilac demonstrates a quiet sense of confidence, as it is a vibrant and surprisingly hardy bloom that is easy to grow. “The lilac elicits a feeling of purity and happiness,” Hayes-Florance says, “so I correlate that with a very sweet and romantic person.”


Qualities: Emotional, caring, passionate

Best suited for: A sensitive traditionalist

A flower that only blooms in the spring, a peony is most appreciated by romantics who enjoy their delicate beauty. Says Weil, “Chances are the person who prefers this flower has a home that is warm and welcoming, full of antiques and memorabilia, of porcelains and paintings and mirrors.”


Qualities: Feminine, thoughtful, versatile

Best suited for: A classic, timeless beauty

Few flowers are as significant and well known as the rose, the mere color of which is used to express myriad emotions ranging from romantic love (red) to gratitude (pink) to friendship (yellow) to purity (white). “Some people think they’re overdone, but the rose is such a classic flower—it fits with all types of women and spans all ages,” says Hayes-Florance. “A woman who loves them can be sleek and elegant or youthful and innocent, depending on the color and arrangement.”

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