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Grace Ballenger - Flowing with Grace Yoga & Meditation Studio - Naples - Chair YogaGrace Ballenger (right) believes compromised mobility or other physical limitations shouldn’t deprive anyone of yoga’s health benefits. As a certified instructor for nearly a decade, she says there are many yoga poses that just about anyone can do. After introducing the practice to her mother, who suffers from fibromyalgia, Ballenger designed a gentle form of yoga that is performed in a chair. The seated position stabilizes the pelvis and allows for greater movement of the torso and arms, she says. The mildly physical restorative practice also promotes a relaxed mind. The classes, offered weekly at Flowing with Grace Yoga & Meditation Studio in North Naples (239-821-8400), are open to students of all levels. Blankets, blocks and straps are provided.

Flowing with Grace Yoga & Meditation Studio - yoga with a chair

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